Welcome 2 Ur Adventure-San Diego

Hi, to all of you visiting or wanting to better explore our destination of San Diego, California. I recently wrote and published a Destination Travel Guide all about unique, affordable, and fun things to see and do here in San Diego County and I’d love you to check it out! Welcome 2 Ur Adventure-San Diego

This was a passion project to help my friends and others exploring San Diego have the ability to spend much less time online or driving around San Diego figuring out to what to do. Personally, I usually end up spending hours researching my vacation or staycation destinations. Then I thought, I can’t be the only one doing this much preparation for my vacations? 

 San Diego County is where I’ve grown up, started a family, and still live today. I wanted to start with what I knew and loved best about San Diego county and bring the simplicity of scanning a compact, cliff notes version of free and affordable things to see and do here and put in a paperback and digital version for others to enjoy! 

 I’ve listed key details about San Diego attractions, scenic locations, and activities to explore. I include addresses, phone #’s, entrance cost if applicable, interesting bullet points, website and mapping links.  

The Paperback of Welcome 2 Ur Adventure-San Diego is available for just $14.99 on Amazon: www.amazon.com/WELCOME-ADVENTURE-SAN-DIEGO-Exploring-Aggravation-ebook/dp/B0BBWKTQW2  AND the Digital Pdf for $9.99 on Payhip.com: www.payhip.com/Welcome2UrAdventure  

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